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Alex Williamson

Greg Fleet
Jim Jefferies

Adele Vuko

Andy Trieu

Matt Popp


Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Year: 2015

Directed by Declan Shrubb

Produced by Daniel Sanguineti & Christian Doran

Written by Declan Shrubb


The zombie apocalypse has just hit blue collar Australia. Darryl, a mid-twenties telecom tradesman and larrikin Aussie bloke, gets trapped in a telephone exchange with several of his co-workers. Although the world has gone to ruin, Darryl is still trying to convince his bosses Roy and Joel to let him join his prestigious indoor cricket team. Two things stand in his way: the current zombie apocalypse and the fact that Darryl has killed Roy's now-zombie wife and had sex with his daughter, Emma. Things become increasingly complicated with the arrival of Emma's boyfriend, Lachlan, and his co-worker Ryan - the apprentices. As the older tradie blokes clash with the apprentices on plans for safety and survival, Darryl finds himself stuck in the middle of a situation that only has two outcomes: life and death, both of which come with an ever present lack of beer.

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