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Zombies promise living hell in the capital

Retrieved Article: Phillip Thomson | Canberra Times | SEPTEMBER 15 2013

CANBERRA zombie movie, which will probably reinforce Clive Palmer's view of the capital as a soulless dominion of corpse-like bureaucrats, might actually demonstrate the capital is a hothouse of thrifty creativity.

A handful of territory filmmakers are about to make a feature-length zombie flick with a relatively tiny budget of $600,000.

Michael Watson (co-producer), Declan Shrubb (writer/director) and Daniel Sanguineti (producer). Photo: Katherine Griffiths

''This is absolutely the biggest project I've been involved in so far,'' 22-year-old writer and director Declan Shrubb said.

''And we only had two months to write the first draft.''

Me and my Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse is a comedy set in Canberra about three telecom tradesmen hiding in an exchange from the zombies.

Money to make the film came from a combination of crowdsourcing, personal finances and ScreenACT funding.

The undead cast of blockbusters such as I Am Legend and 28 Days have been fast-moving but the zombies in the Canberra flick will be slower and funnier.

''Ours are not risen-dead zombies, they are infected humans devolving into Neanderthals,'' Shrubb said.

Because of the tight budget there will be no filming in well-known institutions and Shrubb said, ''We're not going to be blowing Parliament House up''.

Comedians Alex Williamson and Greg Fleet have leading roles, and in an expletive-laden YouTube clip have promised to kill a lot of zombies with improvised weapons.

Filming starts January 6 and the crew is still searching for local product placements and private investors.



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