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Zombies on the march in Nambucca Heads

Retrieved Article: Local News | Nambucca Guardian | JULY 30, 2015

AUSTRALIAN zombie comedy, Me and My Mates vs the Zombies Apocalypse, is coming to town thanks to the revolutionary new crowd-screening platform, Tugg, together with local promoter Chris Power, who has harnessed his social network to bring the film to Majestic Cinemas.

The film, starring comedians Jim Jefferies, Alex Williamson and Greg Fleet, is the first truly Aussie tongue-in-cheek look at the whole zombie phenomenon.

The three comedians play three tradies who get stuck in a telephone exchange and instead of freaking out, try to drink their way through the carnage.

Written and directed by 24-year-old Declan Shrubb and made thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign, the film features 

all the action and drama that comes with the genre mixed with that unique Aussie laidback attitude.

The release is part of a new wave of films that are changing the face of distribution and allowing audiences to choose where and when it is screened.

You can be part of the fun when the film screens at the Majestic Cinema, Nambucca Heads, on Wednesday August 5.

Tickets are on sale now via Tugg -



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