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Yeh! Nah! Horror Film Festival to arrive in Canberra in 2024

Across 5 days in the lead up to Halloween 2024, Canberra will host a brand new festival of international and local horror and genre films, made by independent and emerging filmmakers from across the world.

The festival that will run from October 25th to October 31st in 2024, will have an unique Aussie twist, with its name 'Yeh! Nah!' a callback towards the familar colloquial cry and laid back humour Australians have become known worldwide.

A call out for entries into the festival is now open as of January 1st 2024, with a feature film category for projects with an Australian premiere status, a Canberra open category for short films, a category for comedic horror and genre short films, and a category for films made specifically for the festival.

The festival will also include events for filmmakers and fans in the lead up and during the event, including panels and workshops.

Festival Director Dan Sanguineti says "My primary goal of establishing this new film festival is to continue the mission of supporting independent and emerging filmmakers, elevating voices currently less heard and promoting inclusivity throughout the industry. "

"My interest in horror and genre films comes from building my film knowledge as a child and as a young emerging filmmaker on films like Ghostbusters, Jaws, the Scream franchise, Alien, The Temple of Doom, The Frighteners, and Jurrasic Park, just to name a few. Discovering new indepedently made films from across the world that connect to this interest and fascination is what I hope to deliver through the festival, and help those projects get seen." Early Bird Deadline for entries close in 6 months on June 30, 2024.


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