Wrapping up for 2019


Hey everyone,

Today's the last working session for Two Graves before the holiday break, so I figured it would be good to roll out one final update for the year:

All the busy storyboards are done, so I've diverted focus for the last few days in order to write the first behind-the-scenes video for Two Graves, focusing on the earliest days of the project and the circumstances that led to it - think of it as a how we got here video.

It's all written up, and we'll start recording when we pick back up in the new year. Our backers here on Kickstarter ($10 tier upwards) will have the chance to watch it before everyone else.  And speaking of Kickstarter, with the headway made in the past few weeks, I've taken the liberty of firing up the digital production diary ($25 upwards). I've not written in a diary-style format before, so hopefully it doesn't read too robotically.

Two Graves in 2020

As for the year ahead, we've penciled in late-April for the fateful days of shooting (the film, I mean), which is exciting! And since the storyboard boulder is downhill from here, I can almost take it easy all the way to the shoot. Phew!

In closing, thanks to all of you reading this for your support of Two Graves this year. And no matter what holiday you celebrate, or if you just enjoy the end-of-year festivities, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.


Carl Emmerson, writer and director of Two Graves


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