Update #12


Update time, everyone!

Hello, it's me. I was meant to be working with Daniel, but he's ill today, so I'm writing this one up from home (you can tell it's just me because of the crappy drawing).

First up, since this is our first post-campaign update, Daniel wanted me to ask our backers among you to make sure your pledges have been sent through. Apparently we've had one or two payments that have failed to come through, but Daniel says nothing to worry about there.

But that's Dan's territory; I just wanted to say that since we're moving on to production, we'll have more going on than check on the Kickstarter tally now, so there won't be these updates as frequently; but be sure that when there's something to report, you'll all be the first to know.

As this is the first update since the campaign ended, I figured some of you might have some questions about our rewards. Since I'm not working with Daniel today, I don't have the definites, but:

In regards to the wanted posters ($100 tier), we should start reaching out about organising the photo in the next month or so is my guess. Since, the posters would be already made well in advance of the rest of the Kickstarter rewards, I'm not entirely sure whether we send them out after filming, or with everything else once the film itself is finished.

For the people who backed the extra role ($200 tier) package, since we're in early production, we don't have any concrete details about when or where we'll be filming, but when we do, we'll let you know.

For the two backers of Two Graves: Grave Edition ($150 tier), since we're relatively involved in the creation of the case, expect to see and hear about how it evolves in an update down the line, or maybe more.

For the Associate Producers ($250 tier), I'm not entirely sure where your involvement begins (Daniel probably knows), but much like the $200 tier backers, we'll let you know our filming details when we have them, in order to visit the set. We won't have an idea when you can preview the early product until well into post-production.For the backers of the DVDs ($50 tier and Grave Edition), you will get the film and behind-the-scenes videos on digital as well as on disc.

The digital content, which is all in each of the tiers I've mentioned, is currently in varying stages of early development. Except the credits, since we aren't there yet.Actually, on that topic, I remember Daniel saying something about sending out a backer questionnaire about things like what you want to be put down as in the credits. I'll ask him about it next time we meet.

I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions, leave them here or in the comments section. Alternatively, if it's more sensitive/professional stuff (i.e. the pledge payments or Associate Producer stuff), Daniel can be contacted via Sanguineti Media, or I can be contacted via email on request.

I know I said it in the video, but thank you all for supporting Two Graves, thus far. It sounds like a cliche, but it's the truth.




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