TrashFest 2019 comes to Canberra this July.

The world's weirdest and freakiest film oddities is coming to the Canberra Technology Park on July 20th for TrashFest 2019.

TrashFest is culled from Leavold’s thirty years of collecting and sharing film oddities, and promises to be one of his wildest creations yet.

Leavold: “Expect a riotous assault on the senses...ESPECIALLY taste! I have prepared a veritable Filmic Freak Show for you of absolute favourite moments, personal and Trash Video audiences alike. Expect trailers, music clips, Bollywood-a-go-go, crazed Evangelical horrors, Turkish rip-offs (like the Turkish Star Wars...made with actual stolen George Lucas footage!), Weird Asia and Africa, and a LOT of disco. And bad kung fu. ALWAYS with the bad, atrociously-dubbed kung fu.”

He flashes an evil grin. “I call this a party tape for Cine-generates. That pretty much covers it.”

Leavold ran Trash Video, Australia’s largest ever cult rental store, in Brisbane from 1995 to 2010, before technology killed the video shop. It was then he realized his other life-long passion – MAKING movies. “Closing Trash Video was the death of a dream,” says Leavold, whose life has been dedicated to exploring the strangest fringes of the film world since childhood. “But, as devastating as it was to say goodbye, it was definitely the beginning of realizing an even bigger dream!”

Soul Cartel's Old School Cantina will be open for food and drink, and pre-ordering dinner is encouraged via their app. More details on their menu can be found here: Tickets are $12 and are on sale now. Buy now:

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