Progress Update - Story'bored' and PRE-VISously, on...


Hey everyone,

It's been a while, I know. But when I said "every little shot" had to be storyboarded, I meant it. My arms wish I didn't.

It's been quite the experience, though, working with all the 3D stuff in Storyboarder. There's environment objects, all the characters are fully articulate, down to the fingers; and there's all sorts of camera options, too.

But the big thing is... animation! Check this out:

This is part of a flashback at the start of the film helping to show how our main characters got to where they are. For spoilers' sake, we cut it off so [REDACTED] doesn't happen, but I'm excited to bundle that one up.

Since all the storyboards are frame-by-frameable, we can put them all together like this! Having to do a whole bunch is really tiring, but it means that when we show this to the cinematographer, they'll have an even better idea of what we're looking for.

They won't get the music, though. That was a special present just for you guys, as thanks for putting up with us thus far. Plus, now you get a better idea of the mood we're going for in this scene.

I'm quite proud of how the boards for the full scene are turning out, and I'm extra-excited to see what it looks like in the finished film. I hope you are, too.

There's still plenty more storyboarding to go, but this was one of the more action-packed sequences. The rest shouldn't be nearly as complicated. That's a relief.

Well, that's about it, I think.




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