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Canberra’s The Phoenix Bar has now been shut for over 18 months and may never rise again. However an adventurous group of filmmakers have produced a goodbye and ‘Thanks for the memories’ in the guise of a web series, At The Phoenix, to be released free online on October 15.

While inspired by nostalgic memories and commentary towards life in and around the eponymous bar, the 6 part short series tells a highly fictional re-imagining of the real East Row Bar in Canberra’s city centre.

Each episode follows the absurd adventures of new Phoenix bartender Richie, who cannot seem to catch a break in love, friendships, keeping the bar in order, or even doing his job. As Richie’s bartending life begins to crumble around him, he’ll have to learn that sometimes even the good guy needs to be, just, a better guy.

Each episode stars Canberra locals Brendan Kelly, Kaitlyn Boyé and Colin Giles and are joined by actor and Playboy model Jasmin Shojai, comedians Frankie McNair and Juliet Moody, hip-hop artist Citizen Kay, Pacific Rim 2 & Shang-Chi bit player Jim Punnett, UK horror queen Victoria Hopkins, plus many more local actors and performers.

At The Phoenix is produced and self-financed by Canberra Filmmakers Joshua Koske, Sebastian Chan and Dan Sanguineti who teamed up to develop an original concept by Koske and Chan. The production was supported by countless hours of volunteer time from the entire cast & crew, to further develop production skills and capabilities of local screen students and practitioners, and to expand portfolios for future funding and work opportunities.

“We are definitely proud of what we have achieved with our own money and many hours of volunteer work, ” says Sanguineti, “The achievement of completing a short episodic series belongs to the hard working cast and crew, who believe in our cities' screen sector growth. Our vision is that the series is proof of concept of what can be achieved with a great idea and a lot of passion, and we can build on these achievements to seek support and funding for further projects.”

To mark the premiere, there will be a Facebook live Q&A featuring cast and crew of the series, with each episode shown throughout the live stream. The series will then be available on Youtube and Vimeo after the live event.

A trailer for the series is available here:

To join the Live Q&A at 7pm on October 15:



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