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by: Neha Attre

The city of Goulburn will soon be visible on the silver screen. Horror film Alice, in production in the ACT and the Goulburn region, has captured the city's iconic locations.

Shooting for the movie includes locations such as historic Belmore Park, Auburn Street, Park Road and Marsden Weir. Alice tells the story of a teenage girl who works to uncover the truth behind her best friend's death.

The film is being directed by filmmaker Dan Sanguineti, and is being produced by his Canberra-based Sanguineti Media Pictures and Goulburn-based What's On Media Australia.

"It is not the first time a modern film has taken the established 1980s slasher tropes and looked to reinvent them," said scriptwriter Russell Lee. "We have worked to craft a familiar 1980s horror setting with our own twist on the genre. There will be your expected movie blood, teen house parties and running through the forest from greater threats. But I have also found inspiration from other, more modern high school set films and TV shows, [such as] Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

For director Sanguineti, Alice will be his official feature film directorial debut. "The horror genre has apparently become my comfort zone, with Alice being the fourth feature length film I have produced in this genre," he said. "Casting Goulburn local and newcomer Emma Peden into the lead role was a result of researching and exploring a range of Southern Tablelands talent."

One of the producers, Michael J. Watson said the first block of shooting in Goulburn had finished and they would be back about April to shoot more. The film is expected to be released on Friday the 13th this November.

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