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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Crowd funding has grown in incredible ways since the first recorded crowd funded venture in 1997 for a British rock band using online donations to fund their reunion tour.

Crowdfunding has been kind to us here at Sanguineti Media too. We have successfully raised almost $75,000 for various projects through crowd funding platforms.

And as we continue into a very busy 2020, we have incredible amount of content we want to share with you, our audience.

To help us achieve this, we are proud to launch our own Patreon page to help us continue producing high quality, award winning content.

Patreon is a crowd funding platform that works more on the subscriptions based approach. Patrons (the crowd) choose a funding tier and pay a monthly fee to contribute to the creation of monthly content.

The lowest tier is just $1 per month, and you will receive early access to our podcast, plus the benefit of being a patron.

Our highest tier of $500 per month will enable us to produce a 1-2 minute video for you each month, either for your business or something else entirely

For a full breakdown of the reward tiers you can visit Patreon here or on our Support us page


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