And we're back!


Salutations, everyone!

I hope you've all had an enjoyable decade thus far.

It's awfully hot, I know, but cooler times are ahead. And so is Two Graves, as we kick off for 2020!

Since we only picked back up last week or so (and Daniel was quite busy with shooting a film for five days), there's not overmuch to catch you guys up on, but:

We've put all the storyboards so far into one long video in order to see how well it all works together. I'm liking the results thus far; and anything that isn't working, we can change with the wonders of 3D.I also helped out on the last day of Daniel's film shoot over in Goulburn. We were in this huge old house where you could imagine all the local ghouls would hang out. The rest of the crew had been filming in there for days, so when I rocked up, everyone was still asleep! (As an aside, I'd not been to Goulburn before, but I must say, it felt like the kind of place where a bunch of cowboys could ride in and not feel out-of-place)

So, that's what's happened so far. As for what's on the work slate, we gave a brief outline of all that in our final 2019 update, but for a more detailed idea of what we're planning:

We're looking at filming late in April, meaning we've got quite a bit of ground to cover.

I'm going to finish the storyboards, I swear! I know it keeps coming up, but we haven't been able to land an artist for production, which means I've had to board it all myself while also juggling all the other things I need to do for Two Graves and fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards.On the topic of Kickstarter rewards, the first behind-the-scenes video is largely ready to film. All we really need at this point is to get an interview with Jaime Browne (my screenwriting mentor on this film), and we're golden.

And with that, you're all up-to-date. I know I said there wasn't much to catch up on, but I guess maybe there was.

I'm not really sure when the next update will come along, but it could be a while. Rest assured though, when we clear the next key milestone in development of Two Graves, you'll be the first to know (except for me, since I'll be the one telling you).




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