Christopher's Smile

directed by Dan Sanguineti & Michael J. Watson,

produced by Michael J. Watson, April Watson & Dan Sanguineti


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Short Documentary

5 mins

For the Rogers family, every day brings a new challenge, but none more than giving 5 year old Christopher the extra care that he needs. Living each day to its fullest, they know it’s all worthwhile just to see Christopher’s smile.



Christopher Phillip Rogers is a miracle baby who has surpassed every milestone and hurdle his doctors have set in front of him.

When his mother, Pam, sat in her obstetrician's office at 31 weeks pregnant she had never heard of CMV. The first time she heard about the disease was when her doctor told her that her unborn baby had contracted it and the subsequent damage to Christopher’s brain was extensive and so severe, they were sure he wouldn’t survive the pregnancy. If, by some miracle, he did, they were to prepared to enjoy the precious time with him, as it would be short.

Five years on from the day she and husband Tom had their lives turned upside down, every day is a blessing filled with activities and emotions. Christopher is a big brother to Charlotte and Matilda (Charlie and Tilly) who both adore and accept Christopher as simply being the best big brother they could ask for. After hundreds of appointments and multiple surgeries and procedures, the prognosis for Christopher is still unclear. "One day the demands of his body will be too much for the capacity of his brain and we have no way of knowing when that's going to be. There's no way of knowing exactly how long we've got him for.”


Christopher’s Smile shares the story of the Rogers family as they try and live each day to the fullest so that when that day does come they have no regrets. They will never give up hope and they wouldn't change him or his smile for the world.


June is CMV Awareness Month – sharing Christopher’s story with you is just one way filmmakers Dan Sanguineti and Michael J. Watson hope to #stopCMV