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Short Film - Sci-Fi
When their attempts to keep the alien from escaping are seemingly thwarted by an unexpected workplace revelation, the only survivors of an alien attack must overcome their insecurities by working together to rid of the alien monster once and for all.

Director’s Statement


My name is Carl Emmerson, and I am a young filmmaker with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When I was given the opportunity to make Airlock with producer Dan Sanguineti, my primary goal was to just make a film. This is because this film is my first official short film production. Dan has been mentoring me for a couple of years now, in particular, to prepare me for the professional workplace. This actually has quite a bit to do with the reasoning behind this project’s story.

As I am a big sci-fi fan, it felt almost natural (though a tad daunting) that we decided to make a workplace drama set on a space station. The idea was to tackle the challenges that arise from having a disability in the workplace, in particular being uncomfortable sharing about how that may affect their performance (which is a genuine workplace problem, disability or otherwise).

The task of making this film has been a whirlwind journey, but I owe much thanks to the incredible team of creative people that Dan assembled, to assist me in reaching my vision.



Carl Emmerson

Written and Directed by

Carl Emmerson, a young filmmaker with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Produced by

Dan Sanguineti and Michael J. Watson.


Starring Jacob Kilner, Michael Ubrihien and Michael Slater.


1st Assistant Director Masoud Varjavandi

Location Manager Harry Price

Make Up Kaity Schultz

Visual Effects David Sanguineti

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