2019 Internship Program


We are creating a two new roles at Sanguineti Media for a Production Intern.  The selected interns will take part in a six month program starting in Early January 2019


The Sanguineti Media Internship Program is designed to give professional experience to individuals with an interest in advancing their production industry careers. It provides on the job experience over a 6 month period in the varying environments that come with working in a small video production business. The internship is partly paid, however there are expectations to complete a number of tasks outside the internship hours. The program is best suited to a student in a tertiary education institution but is open to anyone who is dedicated and hardworking, and genuinely looking for a future in the film and media industry.


To apply for the Production Intern role complete the application form by 11.59pm December 21st 2018.




  • Candidate must have completed:

    • a Sanguineti Media Work Experience Program or

    • must show some film experience either through short film production or education.

  • Candidates below the age of 18 will require parental/guardian permission.

  • Candidates must complete an Internship Application form, and may be required to be interviewed as part of the selection process.

  • Must have own laptop and mobile phone.




The internship program lasts for 6 months. Candidates may apply for a renewal for a second 6 month program.


Candidates will be expected to meet once a week for up to 3 hours for a production meeting and internship program update. Some homework style assignments may be given including some research and development tasks, or email/phone correspondence or general production office assistance. This commitment is unpaid.


Internship Candidates will be booked on jobs based on their availability on other days of the week and weekend and be paid a Production Assistant casual hourly rate of $20/hr plus any out of pocket expenses negotiated prior to a job.


The number of hours of paid work offered will be dependent on client contracts currently available.


There is no guarantee of weekly paid hours during the program, but candidates will be offered as much paid Production Assistant work as available.


A candidate's commitment during unpaid hours will ultimately improve total number of hours of paid work. (This is the nature of a freelance work in the production industry and will be a valuable lesson of the Internship program).


On Program Commencement


An Internship Program structure and Agreement will be provided on commencement listing the proposed goals of the program. Guidance and Instruction will be provided throughout the program, but candidates will be required to work as independently as possible to complete tasks. The candidate must be prepared to accept any task, within reason, presented to them on their program.

Duties will include administration and office support, scheduling, video editing, camera operation and general assistance.




The final task of the Internship Program will be to produce and edit their own showreel of work completed during the 6 month duration. This will be required to complete the program. On completion, candidates will be provided with a letter of reference for the work completed, including appraisal of their best performance, a certificate of completion and a copy of their showreel. Candidates may use Sanguineti Media as a reference on their resume.


Candidates can apply for a renewal of a further 6 months, however please note there is no obligation from Sanguineti Media to approve the renewal. Candidates who complete 12 months total of the Internship program may be considered for a part-time or full time role depending on positions available.

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